About Us

Gallon Exports, Inc. is an American company with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offices in Colombia. We are a subsidiary of G&G Holdings Group (www.ggholdingsgroup.com) which specializes in the Insurance, Insurance Services, and Export Business segments.

Gallon Exports, Inc. will offer Hass Avocado imports from Colombia to meet increased demand for these products by the city’s growing popular in the greater St. Petersburg/Moscow area.

Gallon Exports, Inc. has been successful over the competition in supplying exported Colombian food products to the area’s top wholesalers. From this base, Gallon Exports, Inc. will build a successful business serving the area’s large and small markets.

Our mission is to supply fruits and vegetables to major wholesalers which are currently being poorly served by avocado importers located in Israel and Spain.

The keys to success in Gallon Exports, Inc.’s business are:

  • Offering items of a high quality-value which are not available everywhere.
  • Reliable and timely deliveries.
  • A reliable administration.

Raul Gallon

Raul Gallon

Raul Gallon

With a background in International Economics, Exports, and Insurance along with a passion for leadership, success, and team building; Raul Gallon is the President of Gallon Exports, Inc. With his broad depth of learning and results-driven leadership philosophy, Gallon Exports, Inc. has expanded their business to Europe and South America. As a successful and innovative entrepreneur, Mr. Gallon is also the Chief Executive Officer/President of G&G Holdings Group, LLC (www.ggholdingsgroup.com) ; an international investment firm that focuses on exports, insurance, and insurance services. In Gallon Exports, Inc., Mr. Gallon is responsible for the day-to-day operations as well as quality control and the logistics section of our business.

Mr. Gallon has ten (10) years of exporting experience and is also a licensed and certified Property & Casualty Claims Adjuster, appraisal and umpire along with several insurance certifications. Mr. Gallon has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics from Florida Atlantic University.